Clarkhouse Mural

The Clark House Mural History

The Clark House Mural located in Hayden Lake

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Mural depicting the History of:

The Clark House on Hayden Lake

Conceived, Painted, and Interpreted by: Jack McCullagh

When I first heard the history of the Clark House as told to me by owner-innkeeper Monty Danner, I offered to create a mural to try to express in paint and light what Monty had explained in words…

The story-in-pictures begins as the Clark Family and friends are leaving their home in Spokane, “Undercliff”, for a visit to their weekend house then under construction on nearby Hayden Lake. Wild animals and birds watch from the underbrush and woods bordering the lake.

A native eagle soars overhead as a group of fishermen share camaraderie on the shore.

A mother bear guards her young beside a splashing waterfall, peacefully sharing the space with deer amidst the scores of wildflowers.

Across the road from the new house a boathouse was a center of activity.

The Clarks were generous hosts. Such events as tennis matches and croquet tournaments were common diversions. Lavish parties were frequent.

Then, with the disappearance of Mr. Clark under mysterious circumstances, the house was empty. Over the years many attempts were made to resurrect it with little success. Many cold and empty days followed when the Clark House seemed to attract only vandals.
Somehow, the property never lost it’s unique spirit-some say it was watched over by the spirit of F. Lewis himself.

“Today, The Clark House has been restored and is again filled with life and laughter…”

February 26, 2000